Tally Training Classes Institute in Jalandhar | Chandigarh

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Tally training institute in Chandigarh|Jalandhar

Tally training institute in Chandigarh|Jalandhar

Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd was Formerly called Patronics Pvt Ltd. It is based in Banglore and was started with a simple reason of the absence of readily available accounting package. This made the company create their own business requirements thus commenced the development work on an accounting package in BASIC in the year 1986.Tally is a global accounting package.In India so many packages are available but Tally is the most popular Accounting Software.Tally Centre in Chandigarh|Jalandhar run by Aegis provide student with complete practical knowledge in the field and turn them into professional.
Tally training institute in Chandigarh|Jalandhar.

The Highlights in Tally ERP 9
 New Report Excise Stock CENVAT  Register for Excise Delaers.

Tally Training Syllabus

Basic of Accounting/Understand the importance of Basics of accounting
Create Company/Group/Ledger Creation/Alteration/Deletion
Voucher Entry/Voucher Class/Interest Calculation/Manufacturing/Price List
Setting up Account Heads
Stock Creation,Alteration and Deletion,Multiple Godowns, Stock Groups, Stock Categories, Units of Measure, Stock Item
Order processing
Batch Wise Details
Different Actual & Billed Quantities
Zero Valued Entries
Additional Costs of Purchase
Separate Discount Column on Invoices
Multiple Price Levels & Price Lists
Point of Sale (POS)
Recorder Levels
Bill-wise Details
Cheque Printing
Bank Reconciliation

Multi Currency
Interest Calculation
Budgets & Controls
Company/Group/Ledger Creation/Alteration/Deletion
F11 Features & F12 Configuration
Basic Concept Of Tax
VAT Ledger Creation,Entries of dealer in Tally,VAT Credit and Payments,VAT returns and Forms
Inter Tax implications,Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
Tax Collected At Sources (TCS)/Payroll
Service Tax Concept/Service Tax Purchase Bills/Service Tax Credit/Service Tax Returns/Service Tax payments/Reverse Charge in Tally. 

Sale Order/Delivery Note/Sale Bill/Sales Return/Batch

Excise (Dealer)/Central Excise or Local Taxes
Data Backup
Restore of data
Split Financial Years
Export/Import of Data
Security Control/Levels
Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/C
Project on Tally Accounting
Introduction to GST
Seminar on GST
Revision and Test

“Tally Training centre in Jalandhar|Chandigarhhave teachers with good 5+ years experience.

Tally training institute.




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