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  • Week 1
      • Why MATLAB ? Difference from C
      • Introduction to MATLAB
      • Different Windows, demo,math works,Simulink, GUI and conversion of m files to C,C++ , Java, Vhdl, FPGA implementable.
      • Communication part available hardware interfacing
      • Software distribution
      • Introduction to Image Processing
      • Image Formation digitization and representation of data
      • Applications of Image Processing in Real world
      • Different Stages In Image Processing function
      • Types of Image – Color,binary,gray Scale
      • Image Enhancement – Curves
      • Image Enhancement – Filtering
      • Color Image Processing
      • Colors in real world and How System Perceives it !
      • Color formats RGB, YCbCr
      • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Week 2
      • Segmentation- thresholding based on color, region props
      • Introduction to Morphology-background, foreground, structuring element ,types of structuring element
      • Erosion, Dilation, opening and closing
      • Applications of morphology contour extraction, region filling, contrast enhancement, texture separation
      • Practical implementation of morphology on matlab
      • Serial communication with matlab
      • Image Acquisition Toolbox
      • How to work with videos
      • Real Time Image processing
      • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Week 3
      • Background modeling and Video Subtraction
      • Orientation detection
      • Color Tracking
      • Controlling Mouse using Colored object
      • Texture Classification – theory and matlab implementation
      • Object recognition – concepts and theory
      • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Week 4
      • Robot Control Using Gestures
      • Introduction to kalman filter
      • Single object tracking
      • Mutiple object tracking using kalman filter
      • Introduction to OPENCV – Just introduction so that students should have an understanding about it
      • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Week 5
      • Introduction to Neural networks- what are neural networks
      • Why we use neural networks
      • Neural networks – Implementation on matlab
      • Measure project work Start
  • Week 6

Projects :OCR,Lane detection, texture classification using neural networks, Finger print recognition, barcode recognition, motion tracking, skin color recognition, face recognition, human detector, currenct detector.

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