Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking

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aegis diploma course



Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking Course



Computer Applications

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Point

Basic Computer Electronics

Basic Working of a Computer

Fundamentals of Electricity

Power Supply Identification ,Installation And troubleshooting of

Number System

Fundamentals of Digital Electronics

PC Hardware Support Skills

Identification, Installation And troubleshooting of Processor

Identification, Installation And troubleshooting of of RAM

Identification ,Installation And troubleshooting of Motherboards

Assembling and maintaining a PC

Troubleshooting a PC

Laptop Basic Troubleshooting

Identification, Installation and troubleshooting of SMPS

Storage Systems (IDE and SATA)

Storage Systems – removable (CD /DVD Blue Ray)

Display devices and graphics Card

Peripherals (Scanners, Printers) and input devices (Mouse, Keyboard) and their troubleshooting

BIOS setting

Laptop maintenance and their troubleshooting

Preventive maintenance of all the components of a computer

Server Hardware


Operating System Support Skills

Operating system basics

Introduction to Windows XP, installation and customization

Introduction to Windows Vista ,installation and customization

Installation and upgradation of Windows 7

Desktop customization and system utilities

Working with directory

Managing user accounts and applications

Authentication and account control

Managing devices and disks

Network settings

Working with Internet Explorer

Windows update

Windows firewall settings

Resource sharing

Customizing Windows 7 Laptop

Bit locker Encryption

Troubleshooting Windows 7 environment

Remote management

Recovery and backup

Working with antivirus software

Using Antivirus

Working with Printers

Configuring and Maintaining Outlook.

Formatting and Restoring –PC

Troubleshooting OS Issues

Preventive Maintenance

Setting up a Wireless LAN

Remote Troubleshooting

Customer Service fundamentals



Networking Essentials

Introduction to computer networks

Working with Email clients

OSI model

Transmission media (UTP and STP)

Networking devices (Switches and Routers)


LAN standards

IP addressing

TCP/IP protocol suite

Structured cabling


Internet connection and sharing

Troubleshooting network problems using hardware and software tools


Windows Server 2008 Administration

Windows Server 2008 Administration

Installing Windows Server 2008

Configuring print services

Configuring file services

Maintaining Windows Server 2008 file servicer

Using terminal services gateway

Configuring routing and remote access and wireless


Monitoring servers

Maintaining and updating Windows Server 2008

Overview of Active Directory domain services

Implementing Active Directory

Configuring and managing DNS server role

Configuring and managing DHCP server role

Working with Active Directory sites

Global Catalog and FSMO role

Security Planning and Administrative Delegation

Maintaining network health

Introduction to group policy

Configuring environment using group policy

Performing software installation using group policy

Active Directory maintenance

Backing up

Active Directory troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery (DR)


Implementing Cisco Networks

Internetworking overview

IP addressing

Assembling and cabling Cisco devices

Router fundamentals

Basic router configuration

IP routing

Routing protocols

Basic IP traffic management with access control lists

Establishing serial point-to-point connection

Establishing frame relay connection


Catalyst switch operation

Virtual LAN

VPN (ipsec and ssl)


Wireless LAN


Redhat System Administration SAI (RH124)

Get started with the GNOME graphical deskop

Get help in a graphical environment

Configure local services

Manage physical storage

Manage logical volumes

Monitor system resources

Get started with bash

Establish network connectivity

Manage files from the command line

Secure Linux file access

Administer remote systems

Configure general services

Manage virtual machines

Control the boot process.

Deploy file- sharing services.

Web Hosting

DNS Server Management

Scheduling Jobs





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