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  • Introduction to the course and hardware
      • Overview of AutoCAD Release
      • Overview of a PC, peripherals e.g. printers and plotters, system settings and the Windows environment
  • Starting a New Drawing/Opening an existing drawing
      • Setting up a drawing starting from scratch, using a Wizard, using and creating a template file
      • Opening an existing drawing
      • Screen layout, pull-down menus, screen icons, command line and dialogue boxes, status bar toggles
      • Setting preferences
  • Drawing Commands
      • Lines, multilines and polylines
      • Arc, circle and ellipse
      • Co-ordinate input methods (directive, absolute, relative and polar)
      • Hatching
      • Dimensions
      • Text (multi-line & single line / true type fonts
  • Edit Commands
      • Erase, trim, extend, break and explode
      • Copy, offset, array, fillet and chamfer
      • Move, stretch, rotate and mirror
  • View Commands
      • Zoom, pan, redraw and regen (realtime options)
      • Hide, shade and viewpoint
  • Drawing Settings and Aids
      • Osnap settings, grid and snap
      • World UCS and User-defined UCS
      • Text styles and dimension styles (importing & exporting)
      • Drawing limits and units
      • Layers
      • Modify and match properties
      • Blocks and Wblocks
      • Attributes
      • Paperspace, layout space, tilemode and viewports (layer)
      • AutoCAD Bonus Tools
      • In-Place editing of XREFs.
  • Assist Commands
      • Cancel, undo and redo
      • Help
  • Saving and Plotting
    • Pen assignments and printer setup
    • Rotation, scale and preview
    • Saving and opening files
    • Using Windows Explorer whilst in AutoCAD

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